3 Ways to Grow Your Glute Muscles

How to Grow Your Glute Muscles (3 Ways)

If you’re looking to grow your glute muscles, you have to make sure you’re training your muscles in the right momentum, with the right phase. This requires you to have the know-how of technical aspects that will help you get the results you need – bigger and more toned glutes!


Squats come to be among the best ways to lift your glutes without a doubt. The technique for great squats is making sure you bend your hips just below the knee level. Moreover, you should be careful about the form and stability of your knees as you bend and add weight to your joints. To start with, make sure your knees are placed shoulder-length apart, and you bend your feet to be placed slightly outwards. You can either use your hands or some resistance like dumbbells and resistance bands.


The kickass lunges are meant to give you pelvic core strength and engage your whole leg, making sure it activates the glutes as well. Make sure every time you make lunges, you take long strides to maximize muscle pull. Engage your whole core and keep your steps cohesive while you do it. Put one step ahead of you and the other leg behind you in the same plane. Bend the knee in front of you as you form a plank of the other leg in the opposite direction. Bend your hips down while exerting pressure on your bent knee and repeat the process several times.


If you want to feel that burn in your glutes that kick start your muscle growth process, there is no way you should be ignoring step-ups. You need to make sure the height you use for stepping up is of appropriate length. Generally, 30 cm is fine for you to do. Also, make sure you perform the exercise slowly, and as you progress, you make your way into burning more fat cells in the glute while making room for the muscle to grow.

These were some of the most important exercises you need to do to gain glute muscles.