5 Nutritional Mistakes People Make When Trying to Lose Weight

When it comes to entering a new territory of your life, we often times go in with the right intentions but wrong practices. Maybe you’re thinking about making a big move, having your first child, marriage, or losing weight, they all come with challenges and that’s expected. There’s a good chance most of these experiences will involve tons of trial & error on your part. I’ve seen plenty of people take on the feat of changing their bodies. As awesome as that is, unfortunately many people go in with the wrong idea of how it all works. I’m here to add clarity on 5 nutritional mistakes that most people make when working on getting smaller.

Number 1 Mistake: Skipping Breakfast (Meals in General)

A common misconception is that skipping a meal is ideal because you’re avoiding calorie consumption. However in all actuality it hurts a lot more than it helps. You see first off, your body relies on food for energy and it needs those calories and fats to supply it. When you avoid eating, your body begins to go into panic mode and starts harboring that fat (in places you may not like.)

More specifically, skipping breakfast becomes really detrimental not only to your health but to your weight loss journey. Starting your day off with a nutritional meal & drink gets your metabolism pumping and kick starts the fat burning for rest of your day!

Number 2 Mistake: DIETING as a quick fix!

Walking into a Diet is the quickest way to fall flat on your face. Reason being…you have the wrong mindset from the get-go. DIE are the first three letters of the term Diet, it’s not ironic. Going into a diet as a temporary fix doesn’t allow you to build up the mental strength to get through to real results. You’ll get defeated.

Re-structure it. Turn it into a “journey” instead of a diet. Maybe you should make it a “lifestyle change”. Just the thought alone holds a lot more substance. Be in it for substantial reasons, not simply to fit in a bikini for the summer, but truly invest your time, effort and emotions into learning your body and how to make it the best.

Number 3 Mistake: Avoiding Protein

People often times associate protein solely to meat or body building, which is understandable! Meat is essential for muscle development, no doubt about it. More importantly though, it’s imperative for weight loss. Here’s why: Protein is by far the most fulfilling nutrient we get from food. Consequently it fills you up and curbs your appetite! It also increases your metabolic rate (fat burning), meaning more calories out.

Many say that remembering this rule alone can drastically help with weight loss in the long term. A nutritional study found in the “American Journal of Clinical Nutrition” reported that those who ate 30% calories as protein, automatically ate at least 441 less calories in that same day. Groovy right?

Number 4 Mistake: Drinking “Fruit Juices”

The term fruit can be very deceptive in today’s society. You hear it and automatically think cool, fresh organic produce. Uh well I hate to be the one to break it to you, but many of the so called fruit juices you find in the grocery or convenient store aren’t truly what they advertise. They’re just as much fruit as a pitcher of Kool-aid is on a hot summer day. Many of it is just artificial flavoring to give you the fruity tast, and it’s drenched in sugar by the liters! My friend, beware of fruit juices. False advertisement is a thing and it can cost you a lot of extra days in the gym if you’re not careful.

Number 5 Mistake: Believing that calories in general are bad

Food for thought (No pun intended here): All calories are not created equal. Calories are absolutely needed and it absolutely matters WHERE those calories come from. So please throw out the notion that weight loss all boils down to calorie count or that MORE calories, makes it a bad option (and vice versa).

Do you think in 1500 AD people read the nutritional facts on food? Of course not. Realize that different foods such as protein have a different caloric value and affect on the body’s metabolic rate, so it burns them differently. Now compare that to a Snickers candy bar which literally is nothing but fat (which yes, your body needs). However, there’s a lot less caloric benefit you get from a snickers candy bar at 250 cals vs a lean roast at 400 cals.

Well I hope these points have given you insight that’ll better equip you for your weight loss plans. Consulting a certified nutritional specialist is a great avenue to start. Many are at S2 stores and will help a little to no charge. You can never know too much in regards to how foods affect your body. Feel free to check out my blog & subscribe to my YouTube channel for even more resources like coaching and nutrition help. [www.lamonicaevans.com]

Best of luck in your journey to a healthy & fit lifestyle! Check out my post on how I shed extra fat here