8 Super Simple Things I Did to Lose Extra Fat

We all want the perfect summer body to show off in that new swimming suit or for the million and 1 photos we’ll take on our beach vacation. So the question becomes, Why doesn’t everyone just consume less fat and workout more often? Makes sense right?

Well first and foremost, its not necessarily as simple as it sounds and I’m a testament to that. Old habits, die hard so I don’t expect for someone who’s been eating fried chicken and only walking the staircase at home all winter to just become super active and healthy once spring rolls around. Don’t feel guilty, its a transition that must take place, and it happens in baby steps ONCE you become ready to commit.

We hear too often that abs and a sexy body are ultimately made in the kitchen. That’s partially true. You’ll want to workout because it helps you burn extra fat, but the key to sexy defined physique is weights. You can start building the body you truly want by shaping your muscles and toning. (By that I do mean building a booty and yes it works ^_^).

However, the point I’m trying to make is that, it doesn’t just simply boil down to what you eat and how much you work out. When I started my weight loss/fitness journey 2 years ago while over seas, I was a bit bigger than I am now, obviously.

I was between 153-156 pounds originally. However, my body was composed of much more fat than muscle like it happens to be now. I had to make a lot of lifestyle changes to really start seeing the results I wanted in my body. I came to the realization that most of fitness is simply MIND over MATTER.

Tips to start losing that stubborn fat

Here’s a list of 8 things I started living by that allowed me to cut out extra body fat over just a couple of months.

  1. Always have breakfast within 1 hour of waking up. This will kick start your day and help set the pace for the rest of your day. If you start strong, the odds of you ending strong will be a lot greater! Soon as I woke up, I’ll go to the bathroom and do my morning routine like shower, brush my teeth, wash my face, and then afterwards fix some breakfast.)
  2. Do Not skip any meals! This will cause you to make bad decisions. That’s why Meal Prep is GOLD. There’s no room for excuses when your meal is already cooked and ready for you when you’re hungry. (Protein bars and fruit in your purse as snacks are great for keeping you on track.)
  3. Stay hydrated! 4-6 16 oz. bottles of water a day are mandatory! Your initial weight loss is water weight. You’ll also need to drink an adequate amount of water to avoid dehydration now that you’ll be working out more. Dehydration slows down the fat burning process, so remember keep water close by at all times.
  4. Stay away from SODA and Juices filled with sugar! This is pretty self-explanatory. Sugar is the quickest way to gain weight and gain diabetes so let’s just say that’s a no no. Be mindful of drinks labeled as Fruit Juices, often times they’re all saturated with tons of sugar.
  5. Never cook with fat! You should bake, grill and stir fry using non-fat cooking spray only. If you don’t like fat, why cook with it?
  6. Portion control. Ever heard the saying, too much of something can be a bad thing. The other day I was at the grocery store with my friend. He grabbed a king size Reese’s at the checkout. He’s trying to burn fat and get more muscular. I asked him why not get a regular Reese’s, you’ll satisfy your chocolate craving and won’t have to burn as many calories at the gym. *There’s times where you can eat what it is that you want, just know that eating a small amount of something fatty is a lot better than just saying “Okay I’m cheating anyway, might as well go all out.” You’ll regret that statement later. LOL*If you want more info on Measuring and weighing your meals check out my Meal Planning guide.
  7. Eat brown, not white. When it comes to rice, brown (not fried but steamed) is always better. Carbs give you energy, eat them but make sure they’re full of fiber.
  8. Cut down on alcohol. ^_^ If you’re an alcohol drinker, know that most drinks are drowned in sugar. Always be conscious of this. So this weekend, keep it to one or two shots if you can manage. LOL

None of these things involve buying a gym membership or working out. They don’t even delve much into what foods you a huge dietary changes. Like I said before, much of a healthy life style boils down to adopting new habits. Things like replacing soda with water, never skipping meals and cutting out un-necessary alcoholic beverages for a few weekends (which is beautiful for you wallet btw.), they really made me realize how much extra fat was compounding everyday that could have easily been avoided.

In Closing

I challenge you to adopt at least 1-4 of these tips for just 7 days. (If you’re like me and really wanted results, you can practice all of them.) Seriously commit to them and see how much confidence builds around yourself and your life in general. Notice how much more energy you have and even how much fat you burn. You can really challenge yourself by adding some light workouts throughout the week.

Good luck!