The Reason I NEVER step foot on a Weight Scale

Most people will be surprised to know that I haven’t weighed myself in probably well over a year. With as much as time as I spend working out and posting about fitness, it just seems odd that I don’t actively use a weight scale in my regimen. It’s obvious that many people like to measure their progress by finding out how much fat they’ve burned. However, to me it makes perfect sense why I don’t weigh my body on my journey of health & wellness.

Well, why is a weight scale unimportant?

Outside of my regular doctor’s visits, checkups and the like, a weight scale no longer serves an important role in my journey at this point. However, I’ll start by saying this. In the beginning stages of my transition into a healthier lifestyle, weight loss was a huge component of my plan. Probably the most important one actually.

I was living in sunny Barcelona and I was tired of feeling self conscious. It was no fun being the overweight American student.

That was well over 2 years ago and yes, during that time I regularly tracked my progress by using a number on the scale. I had a goal of losing exactly 15 pounds! 140 pounds was my concrete target and nothing was going to stand in the way of achieving my goal weight.

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– My life was becoming a revolving door of different diets I would try out… –

But soon enough, I realized how much of a misguided idea it was to measure my success simply by aiming to hit a number on the scale. My life was becoming a revolving door of different diets I would try out and never stick to. I’d workout a few times in the gym each week, then make it home overly excited just to find out I’d not even lost a pound.

I was so disappointed in my efforts and I’d either end up cheating or quit all together. It’s a total illusion if not managed the right way. But I will say this, once I finally decided to invest in a trainer I started to see change.

Not only was I being given the proper guidance, I was being held accountable. But more importantly, my trainer was helping me develop a new and improved mindset.

My goal was no longer achieving temporary weight loss or “dropping a few pounds”, like we so often do when summer time roles around. I was now beginning an entire lifestyle change that would continue onwards for the rest of my adult life.

– I stopped associating pounds on the scale to my success. –

This shift truly changed my outlook and gave me the confidence I needed to keep my going. I stopped associating pounds on the scale to my success. Rather now, I was more focused on what made me happy when I looked in the mirror not at a scale. Small improvements in my physique, like muscle dents and booty gains became more exciting to me.

I did weigh myself once a week for the sake of my trainer documenting progress. Outside of my  4 week program with her, I rarely kept up with a number. I was happy with how far I’d come and I was ready to take what I had learned and run with it! Here I am two years later, healthier than ever, offering sound fitness advice and more.

In closing.

I no longer feel the need to measure my size or weigh my body fat because it all becomes a distraction from the bigger overall goal which is happiness and contentment with self on your journey. Now, I’m not saying weighing yourself on a weight scale is a horrible thing to do. It actually makes great sense in giving yourself a benchmark and providing proof of improvements.

My thing is, many times when you don’t hit that ideal number in your allotted time frame, you feel defeated even though progress is very there in the form of consistency, faith, confidence. This mistake to often leads to mental defeat causing you to feel discouraged.

Just keep in mind, this is a marathon of health not a sprint. Don’t hold yourself to the standard of a weight scale.