Who is the face behind Her Brilliance Fitness?


LaMonica better known as Coach Moni hailing from St. Louis, MO has been coaching women for over 3 years allowing her to assist dozens of women not only lose weight, gain lean muscle, but enhance their overall mindsets and create a lifestyle that they love.

There’s so much more to fitness and healthy living than working out and healthy eating habits. This is a mental game as well and through her online programs, her clients focus on shifting their identities, changing their thought patterns and truly growing into an overall Goddess, the one that they are.

After beginning her own fitness journey over 9 years ago, LaMonica found herself in a very unhappy place when it came to her physical appearance. 

She was sick and tired of disliking the way she looked in clothing, pudge here, thunder thighs there. She cringed at pictures she’d take with friends and dreaded trying on clothing.

Consequently, she wasn’t as social as she'd really wanted to be because she continued to hide behind her insecurities as a woman. 

That’s when she knew it was time for her to change her life once and for all.

No more start and stop, no more quitting on herself, she wanted better and she was going to have it!


Our Brand Values

Her Brilliance’s top priority is assisting ambitious women in gaining confidence through reaching their fitness goals and empowering them to walk in their full potential. We value health and the success of women who far too often struggle with putting themselves first in their own lives. We stand for women empowerment and support.


Our Mission

Our mission is to provide practical education and useful fitness products for the everyday woman who is working to improve herself and further develop her fitness lifestyle. With fun, inventive coaching, our products and services not only are affordable but reliable so that we reach those ladies that normally lack access to fitness education and resources.