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ACV gummies

Absolutely love these gummies
The taste is delicious and definitely curbs my appetite
Thanks again for such a great product


I’ve been at it a month and love seeing the growth so far! Her bands are the BOMB very good quality and good resistance. The icing on the cake with a good work out. The resistance bands I got off Amazon were constantly rolling and not challenging me enough. These are perfect. Thanks again!

It's the BANDS for me!!

I have had some resistance bands before while working out...but THESE booty bands are the truth! They are very durable and don't roll up these thighs while working out and when you're done, you can feel the burn. I love the resistance they give and the different levels are amazing!

Get your life

Booty bands are great I love them so much I can really feel the burn when I use my booty bands I’m more of a indoor workout person so the booty bands works well for me I can tell a difference in my lower body when I use my booty bands it’s a great product to invest in get your life !!!!


These booty bands are game changing! I will forget my airpods when heading to the gym before ever forgetting my booty bands now that I have these! The material is obviously high quality. I can distinctly feel the varied resistance in each of the different colored bands when working out with them and they leave me with that good hurt! The packaging was is professional and cute! I also bought the sweat band and couldn't be happier with my purchases. You gained a lifetime client out of me for sure!

Tastes AMAZING and sooo good for you!

Absolutely love these gummies. I would typically drink a diluted concentration of ACV throughout the day but these gummies are a game changer. I don’t have to worry about putting too much ACV or too much water any more. The gummies taste great and are great for reducing appetite and bloat. Would highly recommend.

Booty Bands!

These booty bands are heaven sent! I’ve purchased bands before that always rolled up and moved and just would be uncomfortable during my workout but these bands have definitely taken leg day to another level even when i can’t make it to the gym and workout at home! Great quality, comfortable and gets the job done! These are essential!


I was not a person that swore by waist trainers and bands, BUT when I started working out with LaMonica not only do I wear them; I’ve grown accustomed to loving the extra resistance from the bands AND keeping my core tight with the waist trainer. I’m loving the way my body is transitioning. Ladies do yourself a favor and purchase these items. Don’t cheat yaself, TREAT yaself!

So delicious and healthy!!!

I never wanted to drink ACV because of the smell and the taste. This is the absolute best solution to that. These gummies are not too sweet and flavor is so delicious. If you want a healthy delicious option to drinking ACV then this is absolutely it. I highly recommend these to everyone, men and women!!!!

Feel the burn!!!

Heard about this sweat cream and decided to give it a try with the waist shaper. Man! When it says sweat it dose just that as soon as you start working out. I really felt and saw a difference that fast. I've tried other waist trainers and they never really fit right but, her brilliance waist trainer is definitely the best I’ve tried, it targets my whole abdomen area without any fat hanging out in places like other waist shaper are. You won’t be disappointed.

ACV Gummies Are A Must !!!!!!!

The ACV gummies are amazing!!!! You have to try them seriously. They are so much better than what I expected and I feel great since I started taking them.


The ACV Gummies are working better than I thought! Bloating has been a issue for me for over a year now. Since I’ve been taking the gummies, I haven’t bloated not one time. Even if I eat junk food like pizza, my stomach stay flat! (Where they do that at?!😜) Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Great Product -Highly Recommend 👍🏽

I wanted to take ACV for all the health benefits but couldn’t get paste the taste and smell. These ACV gummies are the perfect solution. Easy ordering process. Fast Delivery. Creative Packaging! Taste Delicious! Highly Recommend!

Smart option

Thank you so much for introducing me to ACV Gummies. I have been drinking ACV for years and was concerned about the acid and the taste. These gummies are amazing, I take one every day with my vitamins, they are small and easy to eat. Thank you!

Apple Cider Gimmies

I recently received my gummies and immediately opened them to try one and let me just say the taste is both shocking and amazing. I was expecting the normal ACV biter taste, but I must say they superseded my expectations.... They are a must have for sure

Apple Cider Gummies

These gummies are amazing ! If you have a problem taking a shot of ACV please try these ,it would change your life ! Plus they taste just like the real gummie bears candy .

Hot Sweat Cream

I normally don't produce a lot of sweat but using the cream I was sweating within the first 10mins, and even after the work out the cream was still hot felt like I was working out in a sauna 🤣 I love it 💪🏽

Amazing Sweat Cream

I have used other sweat creams in the past, but this Hot Sweat cream here is by far, my most favorite and the best. You almost immediately feel the burn (no itching/irritation for me where other creams i used have caused this). It does exactly what it says and if you are eating right and working out with this you will see results fast. Consistency is key 🔑

Convenience helps consistency!!

During the quarantine over the summer gyms were closed and working out at home was the way to go. I found Kissmybrilliance on IG and the first thing I saw her use were these bands. I had to have them right away. I thought I was just getting one band but to my surprise the purchase included 3 different resistances!

I’ve used these bands ever since. Even AT the gyms now that they are open. They are light weight, comes in a carrying case and fit easily in my gym bag. Using them while doing squats is perfect for keeping your form in tact and prevents injury. Because they are so convenient, I use them while working, while watching TV and some times I walk around the house with the lightest one around my thighs. lol

My favorite part is that they have an anti slip side to them so they stay in place so no need to keep pulling on them while trying to focus on your set. Since using them I’ve noticed slimming in my hips, strengthening in my thighs and strengthening of my hip flexors. I am NOT disappointed with the results, resilience, and convenience of these bands. Highly recommended!!

Sweat cream

I wasn’t sure what to expect out of the cream within seconds of putting it on I started to feel the heat and at first it was a little itching but it didn’t last long. It takes no time to produce sweat. I love it and it does exactly what it says. If you are looking to sweat this is the cream for you.

Bands a Make her Dance

Using these bands have me using muscles that I never knew I had. I can’t wait to see where I am at in a month with these bands. I definitely would recommend these booty bands.

Absolutely worth every penny!!!

I love how thick the bands are! The bands I used before weren’t comfortable and were pretty flimsy. These are very flexible and a comfortable fit. The travel case is really cute and makes it easy to bring along to the gym.

Sweat Maker

So I’m a person who doesn’t produce a lot of sweat, therefore, when I’m working out it seems like nothing has happened. Let me tell you, I be a puddle once I’m finished working out with this cream. I can feel the sweat about 5 mins after putting it on. Listen it works and you won’t be disappointed with the results.

This really works

I just love this product. I was skeptical at first but it really did what it says. I felt the heat immediately. I’ve been using it with the belt for about a month now and I’ve already seen results.

Awesome cream !

This product worked instantly and I typically use it with my waist trainer I have seen some amazing results , I can’t wait to purchase the sweat belt as well .