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The Slimming Bundle
Victoria Paris
Glad I purchased

I received my items very quickly and I love them!

Her Brilliance Booty Band Set
Philecia Broussard

I love the booty bands. It’s really helping me a lot.

I love them I can see the difference and they actually taste good. Thank you!

The Best Waist Trainer I Ever Had. I Only Had In For A Week And I See Results.

It has the perfect hold on my midsection and along with the sweat cream you can't go wrong! I'm in love.


I loooooooove my crop tee! It is so cute, comfy and definitely catches attention of others!

Booty band

I love them!!! I definitely feel that burn and my man said he seee a difference 🥰🤪

Waist Belt

I absolutely love it! Super comfortable and the best one I have purchased to date! Coach Moni products are Amazing!!! Mix this with your sweat cream ANDDD booty bands and babyyyy you will be Fine as Wine!

Booty Bands Poppin

These bands are the truth!!!!

Her Brilliance Long Body Band Set Taylor
Amazing workout

I love my bands, they are great for anytime working out. My toddler finds them fun to hang and swing on while I’m working out! They really do give my upper body a workout!


Absolutely love ❤️ my bands
Definitely an awesome burn 🔥 I get when working out

Amazing as I expected!

Perfect for home work out!

These bands are truly essential for your home work out. There's just so many ways to work out with these. The range of resistance from band to band is perfect! Not to mention, the quality is superb, along with the packaging! I'll definitely be back for more products. Thank you, Coach Moni!

Apple cider gummies

I love them i can see results from taking them my stomach going down i recommend them

Waist trainer and cream

I love my waist sweat belt i can feel the burn and see the sweat on my belt from working out the cream really helps you burn when working out its easy to put on and clean after using it i recommend it for someone who is looking for one its very reasonable with the price dont cost much


I love the booty bands. It’s like you feel then working while you're working out. THEY A VERY COMFORTABLE. I do my most of my workouts at home and these really helped me out a lot. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED. Thank you 😊

Her Brilliance Waist Sweat Belt

Her Brilliance Booty Band Set
Kayla Nicole Green
The Bands >The Burn>Dat ASSSSS!

Let me just say I am a very active woman w a very intense workout routine and it has never burned like it does w these bands! The good burn though! I can literally feel my muscles working harder and I can’t wait to see my booty go from a wagon to a dump truck lol the material is great! Comfortable and durable! Highly recommend!

Waist trainer & Sweat Cream

I absolutely LOVE the support LaMonica’s waist trainer gave me! I like most was never a fan of waist trainers due to the negative health connotations associated with them & honestly being uneducated on the best ones as well as proper usage and fitting. However, with LaMonica’s, It’s almost like it was an encourager or the motivating factor behind me going harder than usual. Seriously the security of it is everything, no shifting at all! Now the sweat cream...if you’re looking for a workout boost, don’t sleep on the cream. It activates instantly and will inspire you to get moving QUICK! Put them both together and it’s a dynamic duo! I’m very happy with these products and I highly recommend them! I’m excited to see what consistent use of both will provide.

Hot Sweat Cream
Niah Wagner

Absolutely love it. It works instantly and all day.

Informative & Professional

I’ve talked with many personal trainers. Very few educate you on nutrition. Very few even offer meal plans. Most just tell you to work out and eat this but don’t tell you why. They ask you your goals but don’t give you a meal and work out schedule that explains how this will help you accomplish all your weight loss and fitness goals. These were important to me and Coach Moni addressed it. I also love that she incorporates changing your mindset which is the #1 important thing. If you think it you can manifest it. She’s an all around trainer and educator in fitness. Her energy was dope which is why I chose to sign up for her Ultimate Program. You can just tell she genuinely wants to help you reach your goals and educate you in the process and cares. Can’t wait to come back with my review for the program!


She was very sweet and informative and gave me some tips I needed

Great taste!

They arrived very quick. They taste great! Even my 13 year old loves them! Great Product! Absolute Great alternative to the liquid!

Apple Cider Vinegar Gummies
Shenita Lancaster

These gummies are the most awesome way to injest Apple Cider Viniger without the sour face or acid reflux feeling you get from the liquid shot. You actually get your full shot in one gummy. They have helped to suppress my appetite aiding in my intermittent fasting eating cycle.

ACV gummies

Absolutely love these gummies
The taste is delicious and definitely curbs my appetite
Thanks again for such a great product