3 Steps to Losing Fat & Building in Carbcycling eBook

3 Steps to Losing Fat & Building in Carbcycling eBook

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This guided ebook, details the 3 Step Formula need to achieve the curvacious physique that emphases a bigger more defined buttocks and legs with a smaller waistline/flatter tummy. 

LaMonica breaks down the method that many fitness models, body builder and physique models use to lose fat in unwanted areas while sustaining their lean muscle build.

This eBook includes the exact methodology to to use, the ideal foods to eat and stay away from, work out routines and tools, and insight that can be implemented today to start achieving a newer and improved body for aesthetic and health purposes. 

“Build a Booty” includes the following:

  • Lowerbody Workout Regim
  • Core Workouts
  •  Healthy Foods to Build and Grow
  • Foods to Stay Away from when trying to lose body fat
  • Workout Planner
  • and More!

In following this regimen, you undoubtedly begin to lose fat and sculpt your body to your satisfaction!