Fit & Curvy 90 Day Weight Gain Program

Fit & Curvy 90 Day Weight Gain Program

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The Fit & Curvy 90 Day Program is the perfect regimen for the ladies wanting to make a full body transformation and develop the confidence that they've been so often desiring. Whether you're wanting to lose fat or create those gains you've been looking for, 90 days is a great time frame to begin seeing noticeable results and to develop the habits you need to create a lifestyle change. 


Program Includes:

  • Initial Assessment: We review photos and criteria to determine where you are in your journey ad how we can help bridge the gap between where you are and where you want to go.
  • Nutrition Plan: A specific plan that helps you learn the concept of meal prepping. It's all in black and white for you, eliminating the guess work. 
  • Fitness Regimen: Includes both home and gym workouts ranging from cardio, strength training and body weight exercises. As you progress, we change and add suggestions to your regimen. All workouts will be in video form accessible through our app!
  • Weekly Check-ins: Accountability is key. Throughout your 90 days, you'll have access to Coach Moni who will hold you to your goals, answer questions, make adjustments where needed and be a resource to you during your journey.
  • Exclusive FB group: Surround yourself with like minded ladies! This group is a community of women supporting you and working towards similar health goals! Encouragement keeps you motivated!
  • Weekly Workout Classes (STL Only): You'll have the option to attend 3 weekly Trapercise classes M T & Th located in Hazelwood that incorporated workout moves and hip hop dancing!

Success is guaranteed if you follow the plan exactly! Trust the process. Through experience and helping dozens of women change their lives and physiques, we're ready to get you real results!