Her Brilliance Waist Sweat Belt
Her Brilliance Waist Sweat Belt
Her Brilliance Waist Sweat Belt
Her Brilliance Waist Sweat Belt

Her Brilliance Waist Sweat Belt

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Our Unisex Waist trimmer is a great tool for those wanting to slim down in the midsection (stomach, back fat and abdominals).

It effectively insulates and raises the temperature of the core, increasing the speed of sweat produced, which in turn results in more water weight burned. The Waist Trimmer is designed to enhance your workout by helping to perspire in targeted area.

Waist Sweat Belt has 2 adjustable velcro layers, it can be worn both above or under clothing. It it airport/travel comfortable and is hand washable!

Can be worn during high intensity workouts, cardio or recommended up to 6 hrs a day for visual slimming effect.


  • Stomach
  • Love Handles
  • Abdominal Muscles

Please measure waistline for the most accurate selection.

Sizes in Inches:

Small: 23-32" (CM: 60-83)

Medium: 30-36" (CM: 77-93)

Large: 35-40" (CM: 90-103)

XLarge: 39-44" (CM: 100-113) 

Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews

Her Brilliance Waist Sweat Belt

Waist trainer & Sweat Cream

I absolutely LOVE the support LaMonica’s waist trainer gave me! I like most was never a fan of waist trainers due to the negative health connotations associated with them & honestly being uneducated on the best ones as well as proper usage and fitting. However, with LaMonica’s, It’s almost like it was an encourager or the motivating factor behind me going harder than usual. Seriously the security of it is everything, no shifting at all! Now the sweat cream...if you’re looking for a workout boost, don’t sleep on the cream. It activates instantly and will inspire you to get moving QUICK! Put them both together and it’s a dynamic duo! I’m very happy with these products and I highly recommend them! I’m excited to see what consistent use of both will provide.


I was not a person that swore by waist trainers and bands, BUT when I started working out with LaMonica not only do I wear them; I’ve grown accustomed to loving the extra resistance from the bands AND keeping my core tight with the waist trainer. I’m loving the way my body is transitioning. Ladies do yourself a favor and purchase these items. Don’t cheat yaself, TREAT yaself!

Feel the burn!!!

Heard about this sweat cream and decided to give it a try with the waist shaper. Man! When it says sweat it dose just that as soon as you start working out. I really felt and saw a difference that fast. I've tried other waist trainers and they never really fit right but, her brilliance waist trainer is definitely the best I’ve tried, it targets my whole abdomen area without any fat hanging out in places like other waist shaper are. You won’t be disappointed.

I love it !

This is perfect if your trying to lose stomach fat , you will sweat a whole lot with this sweat band so be prepared to see a waterfall once you take it off .